Oct 25, 2014

Use of array_merge() in PHP ?

The array_merge() function merges one or more arrays into one array.
Tip: You can assign one array to the function, or as many as you like.
Note: If two or more array elements have the same key, the last one overrides the others.
Note: If you assign only one array to the array_merge() function, and the keys are integers, the function returns a new array with integer keys starting at 0 and increases by 1 for each value (See Example 1 below).
Tip: The difference between this function and the array_merge_recursive() function is when two or more array elements have the same key. Instead of override the keys, the array_merge_recursive() function makes the value as an array.


array1Required. Specifies an array
array2Optional. Specifies an array
array3,...Optional. Specifies an array



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