Oct 15, 2014

What are the functions for IMAP?

IMAP is used for communicate with mail servers. It has a number of functions. Few of them are listed below:
Imap_alerts – Returns all the imap errors occurred
Imap_body – Reads the message body
Imap_check – Reads the current mail box
Imap_clearflag_full – Clears all flags
Imap_close – close and IMAP stream
Imap_delete – Delete message from current mailbox
Imap_delete_mailbox – Deletes a mailbox
Imap_fetchbody – Fetches body of message
Imap_fetchheader – Fetches header of message
Imap_headers – Returns headers for ALL messages
Imap_mail : send a mail
Imap_sort- Sorts imap messages


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